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    Our mission at Karma Innovations, Inc. Is to grow rapidly and profitably through outsourced sales and client acquisition working primarily with service-based Fortune 500 companies. We believe in developing leaders from within regardless of the industry they come from. We also believe in establishing an atmosphere of winning...

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    Latest News

    10 of October, 2013

    Gerardo Torres promoted to Campaign Executive

    11 of November, 2013

    Hanan Levinson promoted to Campaign Executive

    2 of December, 2013

    Mauricio Trujiano promoted to Corporate Trainer

    7 of December, 2013

    Marie Appolon promoted to Account Executive

    2 of December, 2013

    Mathew Beilhart promoted to Account Executive

    7 of December, 2013

    Gerardo Torres promoted to Corporate Trainer

    11 of December, 2013

    Leonard McGarvey promoted to Account Executive

    15 of December, 2013

    Michael Hnat received the Top Leader Pin at the Florida Leader's Conference

  • We currently have offices in the following cities:

    •	Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    •	Houston, TX
    •	Orlando, FL
    •	Denver, CO
    •	Pittsburgh, PA
    •	Baltimore, MD

    Karma Innovations, Inc.

    One of the reasons our clients really enjoy hiring us to represent them is that we are far less expensive to hire yet we guarantee our results.

    We only charge our clients if we bring them new customers or increase the products their current customers have.

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    Leaders Meetings

                      	 SPRING  /  FALL 
    •	Atlanta		04/06/14 / 08/31/14
    •	Baltimore	04/06/14 / 11/09/14
    •	Boston		04/06/14 / 09/14/14
    •	Chicago		03/30/14 / 11/09/14
    •	Dallas		03/30/14 / 09/28/14
    •	Denver		03/23/14 / 09/21/14
    •	Florida		03/23/14 / 11/02/14	
    •	Los Angeles	04/06/14 / 11/02/14	
    •	New Jersey	03/30/14 / 11/16/14	
    •	Scottsdale	04/13/14 / 09/14/14	
    •	San Jose	03/30/14 / 09/28/14	
    •	Seattle		TBD	 / 09/14/14
    •	Portland	03/30/14 / TBD		
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    Tony Kuh

    Tony is a proven leader of soldiers, highly capable of managing tasks, supervising projects and achieving mission success...

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    Colleen MacInnes

    Colleen studied journalism at the University of Maryland and has been with the company since September of 2012. She is results driven and takes pride in her work. Colleen grew up in Miami, Florida and has a passion for culture. She enjoys interacting with people from different walks of life and learning from everyone she encounters.

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    KARMA INNOVATIONS, INC. Continue to grow and expand into new markets and new product service offerings.

    With this expansion comes an ever increasing need for talented professionals to help our company fulfill the needs of our clients in a competitive market.


    More than transactions: it’s about connectivity

    Connectivity is all about creating deeper relationships by pursuing a new set of principles. The focus is on co-creating with your customers: creating intimate relationships with them by engaging them in the process.


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    Karma Innovations, Inc.

    5300 NW 33rd Ave. Suite 119,
    Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33309.
    Telephone: +1 954.210.0612 / 954.696.2544
    E-mail: hr@karmainnovate.com

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    How do we know when we have won?

    When we can visibly see our people growing professionally and personally, a reciprocating energy that is easily identifiable amongst the entire staff. We build genuine partnerships within our organization and with our clients through a commitment to innovative thinking, professionalism and continuous development of our people with the highest level of integrity.

    Our vision is to become the nation’s largest outsourced marketing firm focused on aggressively meeting the needs of our growing clients throughout North America. We strive to give each employee the tools needed to be successful in business through leadership development. We believe that someone with a positive mind set and a strong work ethic can grow into leadership and management roles within our company.

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    Our mission is to have 200 offices and be globally recognized as one of the top marketing firms that represents clients with integrity and professionalism. Additionally we want to give individuals interested in marketing a chance to be a part of a marketing legacy.

    We are the future of marketing. As competition increases among the Fortune 500, companies are eager to find an advantage that can improve their image, expand their customer base and solidify their presence in the marketplace ~ That Advantage is KARMA INNOVATIONS, INC.

    Other companies often want to set or achieve a specific standard, however WE are that standard. As our rapid growth and subsequent ability to acquire and maintain clients has proven. We communicate with our clientele, acquire customers, establish a fully functional campaign, and more efficient than any of our competitors.

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    He has worked with professionals within the Intelligence Community, organizations and agencies within the United States Government, as well as military and government professionals from various allies and partners of the United States, in the course of his duties. He was retired early due to injuries and has now started his entrepreneurial career.

    His goal is to positively impact one person everyday Tony believes that there is nothing more gratifying than the sense of accomplishment and appreciation. Tony is a young motivated individual with 3 beautiful children that drive him to want to take over the world.